Be aware! Galveston Police Department warns residents about warrant scam

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GALVESTON, Texas – The Galveston Police Department is warning the community to be aware of a fraudulent warrant for arrest scam that’s being reported from several area residents in the last few days.

According to the reports, residents are receiving phone calls from individuals who identify themselves as actual law enforcement officers from local law enforcement agencies. The scammers claim the victims have an outstanding warrant for arrest that needs to be paid immediately, or the victim will be arrested.

The threats are followed by requests for the victim to travel to various locations where these fines can be paid through wire transfers, such as grocery stores, banks and fueling stations, according to the police department. The victims are reportedly told to remain on the phone from the time of the phone call until the time of money transfer, or they will be arrested.

Police said some of the scammers have succeeded with duping unsuspecting victims.

Here are several tips from the Galveston Police Department to assist the public with these fraudulent phone calls:

1. Do not confirm any identifying information about yourself.

2. Law Enforcement will not threaten you and your families with additional criminal charges.

3. Law Enforcement will not ask for payment over the phone and will never ask in the form wire transfers, gift cards, or websites not affiliated with law enforcement.

4. If you do not recognize the alleged criminal or civil accusation, it most likely is not true.

5. Law enforcement will not demand anyone remain on the phone.

6. If you receive a call that you suspect is fraudulent, do not make payments in the above mentioned ways.

7. “Verify.” The Galveston Police Department strongly urges anyone to contact their respective law enforcement agencies to determine if the call was legitimate.

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