PHOTOS: 8-month old Great Pyrenees pup covered in mud rescued by SPCA officials

8-month-old Great Pyranees rescued after he was found trapped in a sinkhole Thursday (Houston SPCA)

HOUSTON – An 8-month-old Great Pyrenees pup was rescued from a sinkhole Tuesday afternoon after he was trapped in thick mud at Sims Bayou, the Houston SPCA said.

A Good Samaritan found the dog trapped with mud filled up to his chest and was unable to pull himself out due to an apparent leg injury. The Good Samaritan reportedly called the shelter to report the dog in distress.

The dog was transported to the Houston SPCA Animal Medical Center where shelter staff gave him a bath to remove the mud. Photos and video from the SPCA show the progress before and after.

The 8-month-old Great Pyrenees is all clean! (Houston SPCA)

The dog is also being treated for his leg injury.

A search for his owner is underway, according to the SPCA. If no owner is found, he will enter the shelter’s adoption program.

If you see an animal who is injured, distressed, or orphaned, call the Houston SPCA rescue ambulance at 713-880-HELP.

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