The Gentle Barn animal sanctuary teaching kindness, compassion toward animals

The Gentle Barn is an animal rescue group. Its goal is to teach people kindness and compassion toward animals.

Founded in 1999, The Gentle Barn is an animal sanctuary teaching people kindness and compassion toward animals.

With ongoing blistering temperatures, the Gentle Barn recently welcomed Sun and Tulip, a resident chicken and turkey into its air-conditioned offices. But what about all the other larger animals – like cows, horses, pigs, sheep and llamas that don’t fit? 

The sanctuary is making an emergency plan of action to mitigate the dangers of such heat to its 200+ animals, especially the seniors who are at very high risk. (See the attached press release with all of the information).

To support the implementation of the necessary emergency measures, The Gentle Barn is holding its largest fundraising campaign in years, and hopes animal lovers everywhere will step up to help cover a long wish list of items. The needs range from increased insulation for barns, shade tens, pools to haircuts and shade trees. Here’s the link to donate!

Learn more about The Gentle Barn here.