‘The first thing I thought about was my kids’: Driver says she knew woman pointing gun at her while driving in NW Houston

HOUSTON – Despite how it seems in a witnesses video, the apparent victim in this situation says this was not a case of road rage, but instead, ongoing jealousy that has now become violent.

”The first thing I thought about was my kids,” said Alysia Hagan.

Hagan says she knows exactly who pulled guns out on her at the intersection of Gessner and Hempstead Tuesday night while all four of her kids were in the car.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Driver seen pulling gun during apparent road rage incident in NW Houston

She says it’s her male friend’s ex-girlfriend and the woman’s mother. Hagan stated that the woman had been harassing her all Tuesday morning.

”I was confused. I didn’t know what was going on,” Hagan said. “A couple hours went by, he called me from his phone, he was like, ‘She’s tripping, she’s doing the most, she’s mad that we became close,’” Hagan said.

She says since befriending the man, the woman won’t leave her alone.

”Calling me every day, I blocked her number, she called me 69 times,” Hagan added.

Tuesday night Hagan says things became violent. ”She called her mom and made it like I said something about her daughter, and I never said anything. The mom believed it, and I had just dropped him off to his mom’s house [and] was coming back, [on] that video,” Hagan said.

Hagan says the video shows the woman and her mother driving erratically in a red Dodge Challenger, cutting off her Jeep.

She says the woman’s young child was also in the car.

”Sitting at the light, I seen them doing gestures. She had called me to make sure it was me, my truck is very noticeable,” Hagan added.

Then she says the woman and her mother got out of the car, and that the woman’s mother was armed.

”She walked back and went and got another gun,” she said. “So it’s not just one [gun], it’s two, and she’s aiming them both at me.”

“And my 6-year-old daughter was in the back seat [saying] ‘Mommy, why is that lady in front of our car with that gun,’ and I sat there for about two minutes, and I guess they noticed I wasn’t getting out, so they sped off.”

Still shaken, Hagan is hoping justice prevails.

”It brings tears to my eyes. Whew. I was scared. I really thought my life was over,” Hagan said.

She says the woman is still terrorizing and stalking her, circling her block in that red Challenger on a regular basis.

Houston police says its Major Assaults Division is looking into the case, and Hagan plans to file protective orders.

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