HISD trustees to vote on budget to purchase weapons for district police officers to ensure better security

HISD trustees to vote on district security

HOUSTON – HISD officials said they have acknowledged security concerns.

Parents say they’re happy to hear about HISD’s commitment to safer schools, but they want to see action that will ensure better security, which could come at Thursday’s board meeting.

“If we can’t, as parents, feel safe for our children to go to school and that nobody is going to come in and kill them or whatever, that makes us want to have our kids at home,” said Yoland Alford.

The safety concerns that Alford has regarding HISD echos those recently mentioned by HISD officials who said they don’t have enough equipment to handle an active shooter situation like the recent massacre at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde.

Another parent named Karla Rodriquez said it bothers her and makes her uncomfortable because parents trust their kids will be in a safe learning environment.

HISD Superintendent Millard House II said at a press conference Wednesday, that he and his team are working to ensure top standards of safety throughout HISD.

“My belief is that our officers, our students, our community, our staff deserves the best preparation as we look forward to the future,” House said.

On Thursday, an HISD spokesman said the district is hoping for more than $2 million worth of equipment.

HISD Police Chief Pedro Lopez Jr. said they need 200 rifles, 200 ballistic shields, 50 rifle shields, ammo and devices that could help officers breach doors in the event of an active shooter situation.

“I think it’s about not only protecting, but being ready for the inevitable. I’m hoping that the inevitable doesn’t occur,” House said.

The equipment is expected to be voted on at Thursday’s board meeting.

If the vote is approved, it’s still unclear when the equipment would arrive. Officials said the arrival depends on the purchasing process and supply chain issues, though they say they will be working to have what they need ASAP.

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