‘It made us feel uneasy’: Residents worried after rash of vehicle break-ins in Kingwood neighborhood

Here's what we know

KINGWOOD – Car break-in victims in a Kingwood neighborhood near Kings Bend Dr said whoever broke into multiple vehicles on Monday morning was brazen, committing the acts when many were up getting ready for work and school.

What’s worse, neighbors fear the suspects are now armed if they weren’t already.

HPD Firefighter, Cordell Black was carrying out his normal routine around 6:30 Monday morning. He had just gotten home from his shift.

“Unloading my gear, my station clothes from my car so I can wash them,” Black said.

He said he knew something was out of the ordinary when he heard his wife scream after looking out of the window.

“Immediately, I grab my firearm and I see two guys sprinting down the street,” Black said.

Black said home surveillance video shows a perpetrator getting inside his car for a brief moment before running away. Black said the thief got away with his loaded firearm.

“That’s extremely unfortunate, and I’m usually a pretty safe guy when it comes to firearms,” Black said.

“It made us all feel uneasy and then to later find out that he had also stolen a gun,” said neighbor Chris Suarez.

Suarez said he was also a victim and found his car ransacked while taking his son to his first day of kindergarten.

“Definitely something that we want to try to prevent from happening again,” Suarez said.

Suarez said he doesn’t think anything was stolen from his family’s vehicle, but he and others say there have been several car break-ins here in this community within the past few months. They’re asking witnesses to give the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office a call at 936-760-5800.

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