Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office, HPD dealing with staffing shortages, recruitment and retention issues

FORT BEND COUNTY – Law enforcement agencies across the state are dealing with staffing shortages, retention and recruitment.

Back in April, the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office had 48 vacant positions. In August, that number tripled.

“I’m down over 120 in my office right now and it’s because of the salary,” Sheriff Eric Fagan said.

Sheriff Fagan says the starting salary for a patrol deputy is around $51,000. His office also needs more dispatchers and detention officers. He says a competitive wage will keep men and women in the sheriff’s office.

“It may take a bond issue to do this. It may cost the taxpayers more on their taxes, but it’s for the safety of the public,” Sheriff Fagan said.

The Houston Police Department needs about 1,300 officers to fulfill its staff of about 6,400.

“We have a competition against other industries, pandemic, we police 24/7, 365 days a year,” said Commander Kristine Anthony Miller.

The starting pay for a cadet is $42,000, but after the first year, Miller says that salary increases, and there are over 45 divisions to work for.

“If you want to ride a bike, ride a horse, drive a boat, ride an ATV, we have a job for you. As well as If you want to investigate murders, burglaries, and sexual assaults,” Miller said.

HPD also needs help when it comes to emergency operations.

“Right now we are currently down 21 dispatchers,” Assistant Chief Milton Martin said.

Martin also added that the department will provide training for dispatchers and it pays $21-$27 an hour.

The dispatcher is a lifeline for police and fire.

“It is really and truly the linchpin that needs to happen for all of our work to happen,” Assistant Chief Martin said.

Houston Police will host their 1st annual Hiring Expo on Saturday, August 27, 2022. Attendees will have the opportunity to speak with recruiters and schedule interviews.

The event will be held at Discovery Green from 10A.M-2 P.M.

To learn more about the hiring event and careers with the Houston Police Department, click here.

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office is hiring patrol deputies, Telecommunications and Detention Officers.

To learn more about FBCSO and to apply for a position, click

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