TxDOT launches new campaign during Fourth of July weekend to stop drunk driving

Due to the upcoming Fourth of July holiday weekend, TXDOT says it expects to see a rise in drunk driving-related fatalities and serious injuries.

In 2021, about 38% of the total traffic fatalities during the Fourth of July holiday reporting period in Texas involved drivers under the influence of alcohol, according to TxDOT. Last year, there were 384 DUI-alcohol-related traffic crashes during the July Fourth holiday time period, resulting in 18 fatalities and 51 serious injuries.

TxDOT’s Faces of Drunk Driving campaign will encourage Texans not to drink and drive, and to always choose a sober ride.

Last year, 1 in 4 traffic deaths on Texas roads were caused by drunk drivers, according to a release. Also in 2021, Texas saw 25,261 overall drunk driving-related traffic crashes -- an increase of 9% over what was seen in 2020.

With these alarming statistics in mind, the initiative will help remind Texas drivers that the human toll of a drunk driving crash can devastate the lives of victims and survivors forever. Drunk driving is 100% preventable and can have serious physical, emotional and financial consequences that can last for years. A DWI can be expensive and cause legal hassles, difficulty finding or keeping a job, loss of trust from loved ones, and regret.

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