First consumer-centric marketplace for residential real estate in Texas

: The real estate market in Texas is RED hot! And for all too many, unaffordable…. But there is hope – and help for those looking to purchase in Texas! Regan McGee joins us today to tell us more.

Nobul Technologies brings its consumer-centric marketplace for home buyers and sellers to Texas real estate market.

The real estate market in Texas is red hot!  And for all too many, unaffordable, but there is hope – and help for those looking to purchase in Texas. Regan McGee, Founder, Chairman, CEO and of Nobul, joins KPRC + Monday to tell us more.

“Texas is the second most popular state in the United States for relocation, with more than 500,000 people moving to the Lone Star State every year,” McGee said. “With our strong ties to the state, thanks to multiple investors and shareholders of Nobul’s residing there, not to mention the burgeoning technology industry growing in the state, Texas is a perfect fit for Nobul and there couldn’t be a better time for our technology to finally be available there. Our marketplace is both revolutionary and evolutionary. Consumers have grown accustomed to online marketplaces, price and product comparison tools, professional and consumer reviews to make purchases. Nobul is the next logical step in this evolution when it comes to real estate. With home sales on the rise, days on market continuing to fall, and more than 30 million people living in Texas alone, we couldn’t be prouder to provide our technology to the thriving Texas real estate market.”

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