Driver slams car into home in The Heights, causing major damage; Neighbors are blaming speed

HOUSTON – A car slammed into a home in The Heights on Sunday and neighbors in the area say speed is to blame.

The home on White Oak Drive and Usener Street was destroyed in the crash, leaving the renters without a home.

One person was inside the vehicle when it plowed into the front end.

Timothy Fletcher rents the home and says the driver came down the road, uprooted a tree, and crashed into his house.

Fletcher and many neighbors say people speed down the road all the time and something needs to be done.

On Sunday, Fletcher watched as a tow truck removed a car from his home in The Woodlands Heights.

“I was at the gym. My girlfriend was in the back bedroom, and she knew what it was,” he said.

The driver of that car and another person were taken to the hospital.

Pictures show the Nissan GTR flipped upside down. The front end of Fletcher’s home was scattered with bricks and debris.

“The whole wheel assembly, tire and rim [was] underneath the kitchen table,” he said.

“All I heard was people saying, ‘Get them out of the car! Get them out of the car!’”Jared Gregory said.

Gregory lives down the street and captured video of the aftermath. He says this isn’t the first time someone has crashed into a house and speed may have played a factor.

“The house right next to me had a car hit it about two to three years ago. About four doors down a car hit a home about 18 months ago,” he said.

KPRC 2′s Re’Chelle Turner was at the scene and says the speed limit on the curvy street is only 20 miles per hour. Gregory says something needs to be done before someone is seriously injured.

“We’ve lived here for about five years and submitted multiple requests to the city to add stop signs. We’ve made a petition twice to add speed bumps. We made it pretty far in the process, but COVID hit,” Gregory adds.

As for Fletcher, he and his girlfriend are thankful they were not sitting in front of their house and now have to stay somewhere else.

“Pretty lucky,” he said. “We think the city really needs to do something.”

Police say the people in the car are expected to be OK.

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