Lone Star College awarding 4 refugees living in Houston area with scholarships

Lone Star College has partnered with Amaanah Refugee Services and the 76® brand to award scholarships to four members of the Amaanah Lions soccer club to help further their education. (Lone Star College)

HOUSTON, Texas – Lone Star College announced Wednesday that it’s awarding four refugees located in the Houston area with scholarships.

The college is partnering with Amaanah Refugee Services and the 76® brand to award the refugees, who are members of the Amaanah Lions soccer club.

“Being awarded one of these scholarships is truly a life-changing occasion,” said Mario Castillo, JD, LSC Chief Operating Officer, and General Counsel. “Lone Star College is committed to making our community a better place to live and these scholarships are an important part of that mission.”

The Amaanah Lions is a competitive boys soccer team composed exclusively of refugees. The program goes far beyond the field by providing mentoring, support for college admissions, and vocational training.

It is reported that more than 75,000 refugees from all over the world have resettled in Houston.

“Opportunities like these are so important to the people we help,” said Jida Nabulsi, Amaanah Refugee Services CEO. “We began to distribute food, clothing, and funds, but are now focused on solution-based programs.”

Amaanah Refugee Services has been helping families find their homes in the United States for over 15 years. They offer a holistic approach with long-term programs, including the Amaanah Lions soccer club, to help immigrants become fully acclimated to life in America.

“This program that Amaanah has created is truly transformative for these boys, and we’re so proud to be able to support this wonderful initiative,” said Sonny Villarreal, 76® Brand Manager, Motiva. “We’re hopeful that the support from 76® and Lone Star College can translate to more opportunities for the Lions.”

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