Broken HVAC system forces Deer Park family out of sweltering home, despite repairs

HOUSTON – The inside of a house in Deer Park that the Hartman family is renting is anything but cool.

“It says it’s 91,” said William Hartman.

William and Ryann Hartman, both combat veterans, moved into the home with their five kids and two dogs a little over a year ago. But last month, they say ongoing issues with the HVAC unit left them sweltering, and the system is still broken.

“The hottest it gets up to that I’ve seen is 93 degrees. There’s something going on with the system that’s creating humidity,” William said.

The family said they’re now forced apart.

Ryann is staying in a hotel with some of the kids while William stays at the home with their oldest son enduring the heat in order to take care of the dogs

“Memorial Day is when we stick together and we remember everything that we went through, we just missed the whole thing. It was just the hugest stress for everybody,” Ryann said.

KPRC 2 contacted the company that manages the house, Real Property Management, and was sent a detailed email, which shows multiple times an HVAC vendor visited the property and made repairs since April.

The Hartmans don’t deny that but say the efforts to maintain the old system haven’t lasted.

“Everybody assured me that everything was fine, and then come to find out today, the same guy that told me the system was old said that the coil was broken and that’s what carries the freon through the system,” William said.

They’re hoping the problem gets fixed once and for all so the family can be whole again.

“It’s just been a nightmare and this isn’t the first time it’s happened,” Ryann said.

“Hope to God somebody stops by to fix it,” William said.

The landlord and property manager said they’ve been dealing with supply chain issues, but now they are assured that an AC vendor will be there Wednesday morning to make repairs and have the system functional for the tenants.

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