Viral TikTok video shows Conroe ISD teacher assigning option for students to buy his 2 books for perfect grade

Viral TikTok video shows Conroe ISD teacher assigning option for students to buy his 2 books for perfect grade

Conroe ISD students and parents are concerned over a viral TikTok video being shared on social media, exposing leaked photos from York Junior High School students who expressed discomfort over an apparent lesson plan by a teacher at the school.

Students said the teacher tasked students with an option to do an assignment or buy his books on Amazon and give them a 5-star review for a grade of 100.

“It’s not acceptable,” York Junior High School parent Billy Lucas, said.

Parents and students said they were uneasy about the TikTok video showing photos of the lesson plan, which showed instructions on a board with a “bonus” option for children to buy the two books.

“He’s exploiting himself through the children, and that’s not fair,” Lucas said.

Watch the TikTok video here.

The TikTok video by “TizzyEnt” was shared throughout the Conroe community.

“He told the kids to buy the book and get a 5-star review just so they could get a good grade,” a student at York Junior High said.

The screen appears to have clear instructions for students.

The instructions even say, “Don’t say, ‘He’s my teacher’ or ‘I’m in his class.’”

Some students were shocked.

“All my friends have told me about it,” a student said.

Parents at the school hope something is done about the situation.

“I hope the school tightens up about situations like this,” Lucas said.

York Junior High School’s Principal Melanie Bujnoch sent the following letter to parents:

“York JH Family,

As you may already be aware, there are posts on TikTok and other social media platforms regarding an assignment given by a teacher at our school. This matter is being investigated and will be addressed in accordance with the Conroe ISD Employee Handbook. I sincerely appreciate everyone in our school community who contacted me about this situation so that it could be addressed appropriately.

Please know that your children are the most important people in our school. We remain committed to making decisions that are in their best interest and will continue to work hard to ensure that they have a wonderful junior high experience. We are all looking forward to enjoying our last week of school together. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any other concerns, and thank you for all that you do to help make York great!


Melanie Bujnoch, Principal

York Junior High”