Woman allegedly kills husband after he confesses to loving someone else; another woman comes forward claiming to be real wife

Karin Stewart, 51, has been arrested and charged with murder. (KPRC)

SPRING, Texas – Harris County Precinct 4 constables said a woman confessed to killing her husband in a jealous fit of rage Saturday morning, but another woman has come forward to KPRC 2 saying that she, not the accused, is the victim’s actual wife.

Karin Tricia Stewart, 51, has been charged with murder.

The tragedy began to unfold when deputies were dispatched to a residence in the 23600 block of Buttress Root Drive around 2:21 a.m. They arrived to find a man, James Hargrove, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds.

The victim was rushed to Houston Northwest Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Stewart, who is 51 years old, allegedly told investigators the victim was her husband and that she shot him after he told her he was in love with another woman.

Stewart was taken into custody and booked into the Harris County Jail. Her bond has been set at $75,000.

On Monday, during Stewart’s court appearance, a woman who identified herself as Sandra Hargrove told KPRC 2 that she is the victim’s real wife, not Stewart. Hargrove said in an interview that she received a call from her stepson, telling her that her husband had been shot to death.

Hargrove said she came to Stewart’s first court appearance to find out what happened to her husband.

Hargrove said she and the victim have been legally married since 2009 and recently separated in November, but still were in contact every other day. She said she was not aware of any relationship he had with Stewart or any other woman.

Hargrove said she is shocked at what happened, adding that, from her knowledge, Stewart was only his caregiver. She said that her husband had recently recovered after being in the hospital with COVID-19 for several months.

“He’s still my husband,” Hargrove said tearfully. “I mean, we have grandkids, we have kids, we have nieces and nephews. That’s still my husband.”

She said she and her family want justice.

“Even when we separated -- we didn’t cause he was my best friend,” Hargrove said.

Watch the interview with Hargrove below:

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