New device aims to provide better sound than hearing aids

Bellaire, TX – A revolutionary device is helping some of the millions of Americans who have trouble hearing. This new technology, called Earlens, is very similar to how natural hearing works, according to Dr. Ron Moses from The Center for ENT near Bellaire.

“It is directly vibrating the ear drum,” Dr. Moses explained.

Here’s how it works:

Patients don’t need surgery.

During the first visit, a mold is made of the patient’s ear, including the ear drum, and gets sent to the company to have the device custom built for each patient.

During another visit, it’s placed on the patient’s eardrum.

Dr. Moses said, for most, the Earlens is better than a hearing aid.

“They’re noticing how their old hearing aids felt good but not good enough and Earlens gave them that broader frequency to give them that broader, richer, fuller sound and they’re loving that,” Dr. Moses said.

How much does it cost?

The Earlens is more expensive than a traditional hearing aid at about $11,000- $12,000 for a pair.

“We have a payment plan that patients can now pay over several years and it’s really not seen as a burden and a lot of times people are not looking at just the cost, of course that is a concern, people are looking at the value,” Dr. Moses said. “I should note Earlens does have a 60 day trial period... and of course they get their money back if it’s not up to their level of satisfaction.”

How long will the device last?

Earlens has the potential to last for years without being replaced. All settings can be adjusted through your phone, without the need to book an appointment.