Suspect charged with murder after neighbor shot to death over argument about truck damage in Liberty Co., deputies say

LIBERTY COUNTY, Texas – A man has been charged with murder after being accused of shooting another man during an argument over a truck on Sunday, according to Liberty County Sheriff’s Office.

Edwin Thomas Baty, 54, is accused of fatally shooting 32-year-old Christopher Aaron Jorgensen.

The incident was reported at 11:40 p.m. at a property located on County Road 126 in South Liberty.

Upon arrival, deputies observed three homes that sit on a property with Baty and his roommate living in one home and Jorgensen living in another. Investigators learned that an argument developed after Jorgensen accused Baty and the roommate of damaging his pick-up truck.

Deputies said as Baty’s roommate and Jorgensen argued, Baty ran into his house and Jorgensen followed behind him. Allegedly, Baty locked himself in his bedroom as he secured his 12 gauge shotgun. Jorgensen reportedly kept trying to break the door down but stopped after a short while.

Thinking that Jorgensen had left, deputies said Baty allegedly opened the door to find Jorgensen still standing at the door and coming at him. Baty told investigators that he fired two shotgun shots at Jorgensen but did not know if he was hit as he ran outside into the yard. Baty allegedly said that he went to the front door and saw Jorgensen coming at him again towards the front door and shot at him for a third time, striking him.

The case was referred to the grand jury where he is now charged with murder.

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