Bellaire police arrest 2 men accused of trying to carjack 67-year-old woman

BELLAIRE – Two men are behind bars accused of trying to carjack a 67-year-old woman in Bellaire.

It happened on April 29 near the intersection of Fifth Street and Palmetto Street.

Imogene, who asked us not to use her last name, was unloading her car and preparing for a housekeeping job when she said two men approached her.

“They said, ‘Miss, can you give us a ride to wherever.’ I said no I can’t do that and then one of them said well you have no choice and he showed me a gun in his pocket and then they said give me the keys. I said I don’t have the keys and after that, I went inside (and) I hurried up inside and I locked the door and we called 911,” Imogene told KPRC 2 News, adding that the car keys were inside her purse, which she had already taken inside her client’s home.

Within minutes of that call, Bellaire police arrested 19-year-old Braxton James Grant and 24-year-old Nathan Nicholas Turner. Both men are charged with aggravated robbery of a person over 65.

Imogene has cleaned houses with her sister Vera for more than 45 years. They’ve never felt unsafe until now.

“Scary, of course. It’s a pretty safe neighborhood, but, you know, anything can happen,” Imogene said.

The sisters, grateful they weren’t hurt, had this message for the suspects.

“Stop being bad. They need to change their ways,” Imogene said.

“They also need to watch who they hang out with. The Bible says those staying with the stupid ones will fare badly, so that’s true,” Vera said.

Both men remain in the Harris County Jail. Grant has a bond of $50,000. Turner is still awaiting a bond hearing.