Missouri City PD using new technology that allows officers to hear emergency calls

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MISSOURI CITY – The Missouri City Police Department is the first Texas police agency to implement new software that allows officers to hear emergency calls in the field in real-time.

It is called 911 Livestream and it’s providing officers with a “head start”.

The department currently has five licenses and its goal is to make sure every officer is equipped with the 911 Livestream application.

Shannon Brumfield has been with Missouri City for over 20 years working as the Dispatch Manager.

“I love that every day is different and that I’m helping citizens,” Brumfield said.

Brumfield is now helping citizens even more through 911 Livestream.

“It can shed seconds, if not minutes, off a response time. It also helps with de-escalation and letting the officers hear the voices to see what is actually going on,” she said.

The department started using the software last week, and officer Jessica Mireles has already heard a few calls.

Officer Mireles has been with the department for seven years and says the 911 Livestream is a great program and resource to have.

“We get the benefit that we’re able to hear the Livestream 911 call immediately as it comes in,” Mireles said.

The department said dispatchers will continue to answer the emergency calls.

“(We are) Always looking for new innovation to better our skills, better customer service, better response times, (and make things) safer for officers and better for my dispatchers,” Brumfield.

Each license cost about $1,000 each year. Brumfield said they are looking to purchase more in the future.

The department is also looking for more police officers and dispatchers. If you would like to apply, click here.

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