Houston Newsmakers: Controversy over Fort Bend Grand Parkway Segment C between George Foundation, developer

Also: Comcast uses federal funding toward customer discounts

This map lays out the proposed different routs of the Grand Parkway and the Fort Bend Toll Road (The George Foundation)

Roger Adamson is the CEO of the The George Foundation, which for 77 years has been granting millions of dollars to organizations and residents of Fort Bend County.

Adamson says that for 25 years the organization has planned for the eventual construction of the Grand Parkway through its land, saying that a toll road would increase the value of the adjacent George Foundation land.

“Real Estate assets account for about 40% of our asset base that we use to fund our charitable Mission”, he said. “And so this tremendous amount of value will allow us to monetize our real estate assets to support our charitable mission.”

This map lays out the proposed different routs of the Grand Parkway and the Fort Bend Toll Road (The George Foundation)

The above map lays out the Grand Parkway and Toll road possibilities.

The problem, as the George Foundation sees it, is that the route was changed off their property and will cost them millions in lost property values and says the Fort Bend County Commissioners won’t provide an answer about why the change was made.

Adamson is a guest on Houston Newsmakers and also on HOUSTON NEWSMAKERS EXTRA.

Daniel Signorelli is the President and CEO of the Signorelli Company. He says the route of Segment C of the Grand Parkway was changed back to way it should be.

The way it was when he purchased a property adjacent to The George Foundation in order to build a 4700 Acre Master Planned Community.

“The foundation had that intersection moved on their property months after I closed, and over the last two years of discussions and back and forth, the Commissioners Court, bipartisan unanimously voted to put the intersection back on our property for the benefit of Fort Bend County.” he said.

Signorelli is also a guest along with environmental attorney Larry Nettles to discuss the issue and also take part in HOUSTON NEWSMAKERS EXTRA.


Comcast uses federal funding toward customer discounts

Recently passed federal legislation is providing millions of dollars across the country in an effort to improve internet connectivity, with an eye on decreasing the digital divide that exists between the haves and have nots in this country.

Comcast is using that money to provide discounts for customers who might not otherwise have been able to afford internet.

Foti Kallergis is the Senior Director of Public Relations and External Communications for Comcast and is a guest along with Jamila Byrd, a woman who is benefiting from several of the offered programs.

“The affordable connectivity program really is a once in a lifetime program by the federal government to help folks get internet in their homes by providing a 30 dollar monthly credit toward their internet bill”, Kallergis said. “Never in this country have we had something like this before”

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