Community rallies to help fix elderly Fulshear couple’s home damaged by Hurricane Harvey

Fulshear home in same family for generations

FULSHEAR – Some help is on the way for Mr. and Mrs. Parker in Fulshear, but more help is needed.

The home had been in the Parker family since the 1940′s, and they are hoping to save it for generations to come.

Mr. Nathaniel Parker, 88, and his wife Allie love to laugh and sit outside in the fresh air.

“I like being out in the country,” said Allie.

Nathaniel’s father moved a portion of the home from Houston to Fulshear back in 1944 for $50.

In the 1950′s, Nathaniel worked picking cotton and married Allie in a cotton field not too far away.

“I grew up working, working hard, picking cotton and everything. Back then, we had to work for sure, but I made it through,” said Nathaniel.

But when the rains of Hurricane Harvey came through, the couple’s roof could not withstand the water.

“It tore up things. Yeah, it tore up things,” said Nathaniel.

“See in there, it’s taped up all right in here. It starts leaking and water starts dripping,” said Allie as she showed us the ceiling.

And the damage grew from there.

A Meals on Wheels volunteer noticed the much-needed repairs and posted a call for help online.

The social media post on Nextdoor asking for help for the couple. (Nextdoor)

Steven Solis of Bulletproof Construction volunteered to help with the roof, but quickly realized more work was needed.

“There’s going to be additional things that have to be done, electric work, plumbing and other work. As soon as we start to mess with the foundation, changing it, leveling it out, we’re going to make disconnections and reconnections. These are all things we need to consider,” said Solis.

The work now totals tens of thousands of dollars, which is too costly for the Parkers.

Solis said he reached out to other partners for help.

“We are a family-owned business and we do believe in paying it forward,” said Solis.

Nathaniel and Allie are hopeful their home will be fixed very soon.

“I’m glad y’all came and I love y’all and I know you will do a good job,” said Allie.

“When y’all gonna start on it doing it, now? When y’all gonna start on it?” joked Nathaniel.

Because of the fluctuating price of lumber and other materials, the current cost to fix the couple’s home is upwards of $60,000, but that could change.

If you would like to help fix the Parker’s home, click here.