Tornado damages homes, businesses in Fort Bend County

Here's what we know

FORT BEND COUNTY – Several properties in Fort Bend County were damaged during Tuesday morning’s storms.

The manager of a warehouse located on Crabb River Road said their building was destroyed during the storm, which is ultimately going to hurt their business.

“This was a shop and warehouse,” said manager Mike White.

Now, all that’s left of the warehouse is a mess.

“We got hit by COVID and we got hit by the freeze, it’s just one thing after another. It’s really disturbing and disappointing,” White said.

The damage left behind from this storm goes for miles.

“Got a lot of cleaning up to do now,” said resident Arletta Phillips said.

In Beasley, the National Weather Service said a tornado touched down on Burnett Road an EF-1 sometime Tuesday morning.

“If somebody would’ve been out here, you would have been killed,” Phillips said.

The winds from the storm were so strong that it flipped a mobile home with a family of five still inside. According to a family friend, the mother and her child were pinned to a wall by their bed. The family was taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

“We feel lucky because, just looking around and seeing what it did to others, it’s like wow... it just kind of missed us,” Hector Hinojosa said.

Phillips and her husband weren’t as lucky.

“All of the skirting around the trailer that protects the pipes from the weather, all of that’s gone, basically, except for this one little section in front,” she said.

Still, Philips said she’s grateful, knowing it could’ve been a lot worse.

“Everybody said that we were really lucky. God was with us, we are alright,” Phillips said.

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