Spencer Solves It helps fix vehicle of Army veteran in need

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BACLIFF – It’s a brand new day in Bacliff, Texas, but for Scott and Jacklyn Fields, it always starts the same way, with both of them taking a mountain of prescription medications. Medicines they have to take just to stay alive.

“I know what it’s like to die. I died three times after my last heart attack,” Jacklyn said.

Scott and Jacklyn are battling a long list of serious health problems, including COPD, chronic heart disease, and extremely high blood pressure.

In fact, both of them require oxygen 24/7 just to breathe.

Sometimes, it gets so bad that Scott can only walk a few feet before he is gasping for breath.

“It’s really no joke. I just can’t breathe. Sometimes I can’t even stand and wash the dishes at the sink without the fear of collapsing,” Scott said.

To top it off, the Fields are helping to raise their 5-year-old grandson Charles and were already scraping by financially when their only mode of transportation, their Ford Explorer, stopped working.

Facing $5,000 in repairs, the Fields just couldn’t afford to fix the vehicle, so they have had no way to get to weekly doctor’s appointments.

“We are beyond broke. We have almost nothing and certainly nothing to go towards fixing this car,” Scott said.

Desperate for a way to get around, Jacklyn finally wrote to the Spencer Solves It team.

Spencer reached out to a company that has helped many times in the past... the expert mechanics at Christian Brothers Automotive in League City.

Andy Miller, the owner of the service shop, said he desperately wanted to help the Fields family.

“Well, you know we’re a giving organization. We fix cars every day, but what we really love to do is give back to the communities that we’re located in. We just love to help people,” Miller said.

Right away, Andy’s crew of mechanics got to work.

The mechanics replaced the suspension system, ball joints, struts, the sway bars, the entire transmission, the brakes, spark plugs, and much, much more.

Altogether, more than $9,000 worth of work was completed in three weeks.

The couple’s reaction to their new vehicle was grateful and joyful.

“You have no idea what you have done by giving us our independence back, it’s absolutely beyond belief,” Jackie said.

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