Good Samaritan helps unresponsive Precinct 4 deputy suffering from stroke in Hockley

HOCKLEY, Texas – Precinct 4 deputies are thankful for a good Samaritan after the man came across an unresponsive deputy in Hockley Thursday.

It happened at the Hockley Recreational Complex located at 28515 Old Washington Rd. around 2:30 a.m.

According to deputies, a man got on a Precinct 4 radio and began speaking Spanish. After moments of confusion, a Spanish-speaking deputy was able to get a phone number from the man and then called him.

It was then determined by officials that the man had come across a deputy that was breathing, but not responsive. It was later determined that the deputy, who has been identified as Deputy William Bell, had a stroke.

Deputies said they arrived a few minutes later and confirmed the assessment. Waller County EMS was then dispatched to the location.

Medical crews began life-saving measures on Bell and eventually determined that a medical helicopter was the best option, authorities said.

Washington County Air Med responded and transported the deputy to Memorial Hermann in the Medical Center.

“We are asking for everyone’s thoughts and prayers for Deputy Bell and his family,” a statement from Precinct 4 said.

The deputy had to undergo surgery and is in stable condition.

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