This is how KPRC 2 viewers say rising gas prices are affecting their lives

Darryl Matevish of Sewickley, Pa., fills his car with regular unleaded gas at $4.19 per gallon at a Sheetz store in Sewickley, Pa., Monday, March 7, 2022. The average price of regular gasoline across the U.S. has risen above $4 per gallon for the first time since 2008. (AP Photo/Gene J. Puskar) (Gene J. Puskar, Copyright 2022 The Associated Press. All rights reserved)

HOUSTON – We asked and you had -- a lot -- to say about the impact of rising gas prices on your lives.

Here are just some of the messages you shared with us via our submission form here.

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“To help Ukraine and the people I am okay yes is costing more! However, I rather pay here to help and not send our troops, our boys!”

“I am fortunate that my husband has a card from his company to purchase gas. I mostly shop, etc., in my immediate area, so we aren’t affected.”

“Not affecting me much. Companies taking advantage of invasion. But if paying more for a bit hampers Russia or helps Ukraine, we should do it.”

“Have to slow way down on discretionary spending. That said, we’re not into gas rationing as in years long gone by. We will survive this.”

“Much less driving for leisure, and also working remotely.”

“No longer can take quick weekend trips out of Houston.”

“What? While Ukrainians are being displaced and murdered, their homes and lives destroyed, we’re complaining about gas prices? Shame on us!”

“Gas prices are high, but it is a small price to pay to stop Putin. We have our freedom & that is priceless!”

“Driving in from Pearland into the city seven days a week...I hope employers get ready for remote work again!”

“My disposable income/savings no longer exist. I feel the pain at stores and every time I fill up. Diesel cost 140$ last time I filled my truck.”

“I’ll sacrifice at the pump to insure that the Russian president pays for his crimes against humanity. Humans are more important than gas.”

“Gas prices in Katy went up 80/c in about a week from $3.09 to $3.89. I’m not taking daily joy rides and trying to keep driving to a minimum.”

“I paid $3.48/gal this morning at Costco (almost $42 for 11 gallons)! Gone from middle class to poor since Biden was installed!”

“Struggling to make ends meet. Extremely hard on low income families.”

“I can barely fill my tank and buy groceries. This is getting ridiculous.”

“I only go out to get supplies I must have and I try to buy enough to last for two weeks at a time. I try not to make any trips in between.”

“Thank goodness I have a small car and retired. I don’t have to do a lot of driving.”

“It is really hard to see the prices at the pump but it’s even harder to see the images burned into our eyes of the war in Ukraine. I’ll pay.”

“I feel like I’m only working to pay bills! It’s overwhelming!”

“Fixed income and SS increase was obliterated by grocery inflation. High gas add huge financial burdens. How intertwined our world is.”

“Can no longer afford to drive to works and back or go see my kids and grand babies in Austin.”

“I go to school and have to drive half an hour. School is already expensive enough but now I have to pay 4 dollars a gallon. Unbelievable.”

“Rising gas prices are the acceptable consequence of taking the right decisions. They also provide me with increased job security.”

“It is devastating! I’m retired, 1 income household, disabled son I need to travel six hours to attend to next week. HORRIBLE!”

“I think it places a huge strain on those Americans out of work or those who are elderly and on a budget. Now people will choose food or gas.”

“Diesel on Thurs was $3.60 to Fri $3.80 & now Mon $4.50 & some$4.94. CRAZY is what it is. My business will not survive if it continues.”

“It’s not just at the gas pump. Farmers, ranchers, stores, everything is effected by this! Seniors on fixed income are hit especially hard.”

“Less travel. I just don’t go places any more. Even if I have stuff delivered I now have to pay more. This is nonsense.”

“Not driving as much anymore, being more budget conscious.”

“This week a lot of major companies are requiring return to office. The rising cost of gas will add an additional strain and stress overall.”

“Limiting our driving. Taking the more efficient car in lieu of our truck when possible.”

“If gas prices keep rising, will this mean more remote work jobs? Reality is, people will not be able to afford to drive to work.”

“We’ll tighten up spending in other areas and gladly pay more to avoid aiding Putin’s horrible war.”

“Using creative budget juggling. I don’t mind, screw Russia, hit them where it hurts, in the wallet!”

“I’m having to pay the highest prices for owning a diesel truck, these prices are outrageous and it’s getting worst everyday!”

“I drive Uber and the high prices are seriously affecting my income.”

“That’s outrageous. I work almost 60 miles from my home. My car gas expenses have doubled. How we can manage financially with gas, food… up.”

“Keeping me home. I am very worried. This is so not right when Texas has the most of all oil refineries. This sucks bad.”

“I’m retired and don’t go out so often. However, it does give pause when considering travel. Part of support for those suffering war tragedy.”

“It’s getting harder on a fixed income so I try not to go out staying home but feel bad for the people that are struggling to keep a job.”

“It is an adjustment but nothing compares to what is happening on the situation in Ukrainian. I’m not complaining!”

“I’m looking at injured and dead children on the news and this question comes up about gas prices...shameful!!”

“I will structure my daily tasks to minimize driving, so I don’t need to gas up my car as much. But I’m all for the ban on Russian oil!”

“Less travel and trips to store....on fixed income....retired.”

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