Neighbors remember beloved Houston-area couple allegedly murdered by their son in San Antonio

Their son charged in their deaths

HOUSTON – Neighbors who live on Heather Heights Way describe the Burger family as the glue that held everyone together.

But now, the shocking revelation that the husband and wife were allegedly killed by their own son is stuck in everyone’s minds.

“The nicest people. Helpful. Always cheerful when we go to the mailbox,” said neighbor Charlotte Green.

She said the last thing she ever expected to hear was that they were allegedly murdered by their son, Michael Burger.

“They sent him to college. I remember around 20 years ago, or so, they were going to adopt him and they were really excited,” Green said. “Never, ever would think something like that, ever.”

Neighbors say Michael was friendly and would often do chores around the neighborhood to make some extra money.

Green said the couple may have been visiting Michael in San Antonio where he attended school.

Around 12:15 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, a San Antonio police officer reportedly heard gunshots and found a man and woman dead outside of a first-floor apartment on Parkdale.

Michael, 20, was found nearby with an AR rifle and shotgun.

On Monday, Spring Branch ISD officials confirmed Bill Burger spent the past 11 years as an Assistant Principal.

Some of his students from Cornerstone Academy held a vigil in his honor.

“Mr. Burger was the guy you could go to if anything was going wrong in your life. You could always talk to him, count on him to be there and make those jokes,” said 8th grader Ian Stalnaker.

Spring Branch ISD officials also confirmed Noreen Burger retired from the district after 25 years.

Both she and her husband are considered dedicated educators and neighbors.

“They’re going to be greatly missed. They were like the bright light in our neighborhood,” Green said.

Exactly what led up to the shooting is unclear right now, but San Antonio police officials said the shooting may be a result of domestic violence.

So far, Michael is charged with one count of capital murder of multiple persons.

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