BARC provides safety tips to pet owners ahead of winter storm

HOUSTON – BARC is encouraging people to have a plan for their pets during the winter storm this week.

“Either find a place inside for them to stay or to go along with the new state law requirements. Provide them with adequate shelter,” said Cory Stottlemyer.

The shelter should be off the ground and bedding should be thick, dry and changed regularly.

Also, make sure animals have access to plenty of water.

“They’re members of your family. You really need to make sure when you’re planning ahead, you’re planning for them as well,” said Stottlemyer.

Stottlemyer believes it takes the entire community to protect animals.

“If you think there’s an animal, a neighbor or you see one in your community that’s not getting the care it needs right now during the cold weather, you can report it to the task force,” said Stottlemyer.

He urges people make reports to the Harris County Animal Cruelty Task Force at 832-927-PAWS.

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