‘He’s such a good person’: Good Samaritan hit by car while trying to help stranded driver

The man was struck by vehicle while trying to assist another driver

One local family is asking for prayer after 26-year-old Abraham Montes tried to save multiple lives after a car accident at the top of the Brazos Bridge on FM 1462.

Abraham is in the process of recovering after an accident that could have easily taken his life.

Abraham was on his way to get fire wood for a family bond fire when the crash happened.

“On my way home, I never go down this way,” Abraham said.

However, in late January, he found himself there on the top of Brazos Bridge on FM 1462 where he spotted a driver in trouble.

“I saw the car and it looked like it almost wrecked into the bridge. I almost hit him myself,” Abraham said.

Realizing the potential danger that the driver was in, Abraham swerved and parked to help, advising the driver that he should move to a safer location.

“I told that guy, ‘Hey man, you need to put the flashers on that car because it’s getting darker. It’s already hard to see because it’s a black little car,’” Abraham said.

Another good Samaritan, a woman, came and stopped to help.

“I was trying to help him and she was trying to help us,” Abraham explained.

However, another vehicle came their way.

“That car was coming fast,” Abraham said.

Abraham said it appeared that the car that was coming did not see the black car and swerved to avoid it. In doing that, Montes said that the car came swerving their way.

“We were standing to the right of the car. I guess they didn’t know that we were at the right side of the car, maybe 10-15 feet down,” he explained.

The car was headed right towards them. Abraham acted quickly and protected the woman.

“I hugged her and I took the impact,” Abraham said. “It just happened so quick. It was just a natural instinct, I guess.”

His act shielded the woman from harm.

“The lady was okay. She had a few scrapes. She was walking around,” Abraham said.

The original driver, whom Abraham stopped to help, did not survive.

“He died upon impact,” Abraham said.

As for Abraham, he was in critical condition.

“I couldn’t feel myself from the waist down,” Abraham said. “I felt lots of blood rush to my stomach. I broke my pelvis in two or three places. My bladder was pretty much ripped. They had to drill a hole through my left knee to align my appendix. I just have a lot of swelling. It ripped my scrotum.”

His wife, Martha Montes, stays by his side as he has a long journey at Memorial Hermann Hospital. Eventually, she hopes her husband will recover.

“He’s going to learn how to walk,” Martha said.

Abraham said he feels lucky to be alive, and he doesn’t consider himself a hero.

“I mean everybody wants to help everybody. That’s just human nature,” Abraham said.

His wife said anyone who knows Abraham would know that he is the best of us.

“That’s what he’s known for,” Martha said. “His neighbors, colleagues and family, say, ‘He’s such a good person.’”

Now, Abraham said the one thing he wants most is to get back to his two children, his 3-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter.

“I just want to get back to my kids,” Abraham said.

The couple’s loved set up a GoFundMe to help with medical expenses.