Houston Newsmakers: The focus on US Supreme Court in a divided country

Also: Mayor’s office cracking down on human trafficking; Big Brothers Big Sisters celebrates National Mentoring Month

United States Supreme Court (KPRC)

The United States Supreme Court is the final legal arbiter for every law in American society. It is because of that unique position that its decisions have far reaching impacts.

In the divisive political environment we now live in, those decisions seem even more far reaching. Professor Emily Berman, JD., LL.M teaches constitutional law at the University of Houston Law Center. She said the court’s leaning toward conservative decisions is not as drastic as at least one previous court.

Professor Berman is a guest this week on Houston Newsmakers EXTRA online and Sunday at 10:30 a.m. She talks about that previous court, how partisanship can erode the court’s decisions and her expectation of what the court will decide about Roe v. Wade in the coming months.

Mayor’s office cracking down on human trafficking

Millions of people are victims of human trafficking around the world.

The Mayor’s Office of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence acknowledges there are thousands in the city of Houston.

“If we think about the illicit massage parlors in our city. Let’s say we have 200 of them., and that there’s three potential victims in each, that’s 600 potential victims in a day just in that industry,” said Minal Patel Davis, the director of the Mayor’s Office of Human Trafficking.

She says that number accounts for just one industry and there are many more industries where trafficking might occur.

Join Houston Newsmakers with Khambrel Marshall to find out what programs the Mayor’s office has in place to combat the problem and ways citizens can help to try to solve it.

Big Brothers Big Sisters celebrates National Mentoring Month

Big Brothers Big Sister is the preeminent mentoring organization in the world. Big Brothers Big Sisters Lone Star is the largest agency in the United States. Lone Star CEO Pierce Bush says the focus on mentoring is his priority and that very few activities provide more fulfilment.

“The program through just the dignity and the power of one to one professionally supported relationships changes the lives of everybody involved,” he said.

Karla Waddleton is a Big Sister and member of the board of the Houston Regional office and says it’s a simple act that results in significant return.

“It’s really just sharing some experiences, just giving them some exposure to things that maybe they haven’t seen or done,” she said. “You really get the chance to build their confidence and that always is helpful in their ability to grow up and feel like they can do things beyond maybe what they see in their immediate household.”

See how easy it is to volunteer and make a difference in a child’s life.

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