Spencer Solves It: KPRC 2 viewer spot mass on woman’s neck during Bells for Abigail story

And now, Spencer Solves It is trying to find a doctor to help diagnose and treat the woman.

HUMBLE – Washing dishes inside her tiny apartment, Demitra Johnson is now thinking hard. Not about her job, not about the day ahead, not about what she will do next, but about her beautiful, brave, little boy, Devarjaye, who for the last five years, has been battling terminal brain and spinal cancer.

This little warrior is exactly who he is. He has been through 11 different surgeries on his brain alone, and yet somehow, he has managed to keep on smiling and to keep on fighting a disease that is trying to kill him at a young age.

“He is so very strong. You know, it was 2018 when he was diagnosed as terminal, and it’s now 2022, so I know when I pray, I know the prayers are answered,” Demitra said.

But, Devarjaye isn’t just fighting cancer, he is also on a mission to make his lifetime dream of being sworn in as an honorary police officer with 100 different law enforcement agencies come true.

Devarjaye has appeared on KPRC 2 News many times already, and so has his courageous mom.

During one of their most recent appearances on KPRC 2, a viewer, Betty Keyser, who is also a retired registered nurse, noticed something very unusual -- a large mass on Demetria’s neck.

”You know, seeing the growth on her neck, I just felt like, ‘I’m going to call KPRC TV and see if maybe Bill Spencer can look into this and see what’s going on with her,’” Betty said.

Betty said she also had a similar kind of suspicious lump on her neck years ago and did not notice it or pay attention to it.

“One of the doctors came up and asked me, ‘Betty, has anyone talked to you about your neck? You’ve got a growth on your neck.’ And I said, ‘no.’ And he said, ‘You need to have that looked at.’ And come to find out, I had half of my Thyroid gland removed because of a tumor,” Betty said.

Demitra said she just wants to thank Betty, and find out what can be done about her mass.

It’s not surprising that Demitra would have ignored a lot of things over the last few years, including this big lump on her neck.

Especially, with her battling along alongside her young son to keep him alive and breathing.

So now, The Spencer Solve It Team is going to take care of it.

Spencer Solves It is going to help get Demitra examined, diagnosed, and treated for the mass on her neck.

The Spencer Solves It team is looking for a qualified doctor who handles these types of problems to help Demitra.

If you believe you are that doctor or know of someone who can help us, please contact Bill Spencer at bspencer@kprc.com.

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