Conroe ISD increases COVID-19 threat to Level 4

Here's what we know

Conroe ISD has increased it’s COVID-19 response and mitigations efforts to a Level 4, the second highest and more stringent alert of all five levels.

The move comes after the district’s superintendent said schools have seen an increase in infections, making staffing a major issue. 

“The movement to Level 4 is to help us address this really fast spike that we are seeing. We’re not seeing quite as many student cases as what we saw in the beginning of the school year, but what we’re primarily seeing now are staff cases,” superintendent Dr. Curtis Null said.

COVID-19, among other ailments, kept 1,100 employees off from work on sick days, Null said, leaving them 300 subsitute teachers short, threatening a move to close schools.

However, Null said regular teachers and staff stepped up to fill in the gap.

To help, the district is increasing its mitigation efforts to a Level 4 response including limiting large gatherings, postponing activities, enhancing cleaning protocols, limiting outside guests and more PPE.

Students here say people need to be careful.

“If you’re not feeling good, you should stay home,” senior Zayden Timple. “People are out here getting sick and dying. We’re trying to limit that to as minimal as possible.”