Cy-Fair Fire Department launches program to carry whole blood to help trauma patients

HOUSTON – The Cy-Fair Fire Department said three supervisor vehicles will carry blood products so EMS crews can do blood transfusions in the field for trauma patients.

“If we can get blood products to the patient faster, we can increase survivability from trauma and from medical incidents,” said Asst. Chief Justin Reed.

The program to carry whole blood launched last week.

“Within the first day, we had blood products administered to a patient within five hours, which just in and of itself shows the need that we have in our community,” Reed said.

The fire department is partnering with the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center.

The department said a specialized cooler holds the blood at four degrees Celsius so it doesn’t expire and crews have a system to warm it as well.

According to Cy-Fair, EMS and paramedic crews were trained on how to do the blood transfusion in the field in preparation for the program.

“What we’re doing, or hoping to do, is to improve your family and your family members’ survival to the hospital,” said Lesley Osborn, associate medical director of the fire department.

The fire department is hosting a blood drive on Jan. 24 and encouraging people to donate.