Strong storms leave extensive damage to businesses, homes and restaurants in Montgomery

MONTGOMERY – The National Weather Service confirmed a tornado touched down in Montgomery County late Saturday night.

The storm left everything from roof damage to uprooted trees and debris scattered across some properties.

People in Montgomery County are thankful no one was hurt because this storm could have been a lot worse.

Mother Nature left extensive damage to several restaurants, businesses, and homes in that area.

“But, God! That’s the name of the game, ‘But God.’ He had his hand on it all. He has his hand on us last night,” Kelvin Arnsworth, Owner Yo Mama’s Pit BBQ said.

Arnsworth is the owner at Yo Mama’s Pit BBQ.

Strong winds damaged his roof, but people from the community along with family and friends have already started on repairs.

“We are very grateful for the good Lord above that the roof is still standing. This is the second time the tornado has come through here and taken the roof off this building and we were able to put it back up in a week and a half,” he said. “Today. we’re going to put it back on and have this place up and running by Wednesday.”

Down the street at El Bosque Mexican Grill, others responded to the storm’s impact.

Eric Zuniga works at the restaurant and says things went from calm to crazy. Heavy rain and hail caused the power to go out.

“There was a couple of people going to the restroom because they were scared,” Zuniga said.

Across the street, people inside the Hodge Podge Lodge restaurant were unable to get out because the exits were blocked with debris.

An antique car in front of the building was damaged when a fence was blown onto it.

“It’s unbelievable. I cannot believe no one got hurt,” the City of Montgomery’s Mayor Sara Countryman.

The tornado also blew the roof off at Ransom’s Steak House and it was found several yards away. The rear door of Brookshire Brothers Grocery was pushed in from the winds and the homes under construction on Abney and Buffalo Springs collapsed.

Countryman also said the city parks had damage, but she’s thankful people in the community are stepping in to help.

Members of the football team are set to pass out water and food to first responders and those helping Monday after school.

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