Holiday shoppers pack Walgreens for last minute gifts

HOUSTON – It may be a different year, but it’s the same story for last-minute Christmas shoppers!

“My mom would be very disappointed that I’m shopping right now,” said Marlene Wyatt. “Sorry mom.”

“I’m just getting a small last-minute gift for my sister,” Spencer Gershon said.

“I’ve been too busy at the hospital,” Angel Trejo said.

Whether the reason is procrastination or just being too busy, places like Walgreens are packed with last-minute buyers like Max Demery.

“So, I went to wrap a gift,” he said. “I’ve had the gift, so it’s not last minute. I pulled out the paper and didn’t have enough so I had to find some.”

But others like Spencer Gershon admitted he always waits until the last minute to find a gift for his sister.

“I just know that there’s not a lot of things that she wants, and it’s kind of hard shopping for her,” he said. “So, I figured I show up and get her stuffed animals or something.”

Walgreens is your one-stop shop and has everything you need from chocolates to slippers and toys!

“I got all my kids and grandkids in the house, and I come here to do some extra shopping for some of them,” Houshang Taghi said.

Anytime you buy something last minute there’s a chance that special item you’re looking for has already been snagged.

“We are doing secret Santa, and I need a Santa hat,” Wyatt said. “So, I’m desperately searching for a Santa hat.

Some shoppers say they’re staring early next year!

“I waited till the last second to wrap everything, but I had the gift and that’s what counts,” Demery said.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

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