Christmas Miracles: ‘Spencer Solves It’ helps family of 6 celebrate the holidays

SPRING, Texas – With just a few days left until Christmas morning, one mother from the Spring area decided to read a special prayer to her four beautiful children - Anthony, Aiden, Arabella, and Arielle.

The prayer is about hope because mom Emily Garcia says she can’t afford to give her kids much else this year.

“We’re flat broke,” Emily said. “We’re broke from paycheck to paycheck. I have four really great kids and they are my world. I struggle so hard to give them everything I can.”

Emily says unpaid bills just keep stacking up, driving her farther and farther in a hole.

Since the pandemic shut down many things, her husband Jacob, an oil field worker, was without work for months. She says money has been unbelievably tight and many bills have gone unpaid.

Her husband is now in New Mexico desperately trying to make enough money to rescue his family from the mounting bills. However, that means Emily has to care for the children all alone, including 9-year-old Arabella, who has cerebral palsy, and 16-year-old Anthony, who also has special needs.

Now, the “Spencer Solves It” team is stepping in to help the Garcias have a real Christmas celebration.

Thanks to Academy Sports and Outdoors, KPRC 2 will be giving each of the children a brand new bicycle and helmet.

Our next gift comes from the CEO of Innovative Lasers of Houston, Laura Alexis, who is a loving mom herself.

“It would be our honor for you to accept this $1,500 gift so you can get Christmas gifts for your children,” Alexis said.

And finally, we have a $1,000 gift card from Academy Sports and Outdoors that the family can spend on whatever they want.

Emily’s response to these gifts was simple and profound.

“Thank you so much - this is so much, so generous of all of you. Thank you.”

The “Spencer Solves It” team wants to thank Laura Alexis and all of the people at Academy Sports and Outdoors for their incredible generosity.

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