Driver says object that flew out of truck damaged his vehicle

BRAZORIA COUNTY, Texas – A Houston area driver said he got quite the scare on Monday afternoon.

“There was a huge smash, and of course all the debris from the windshield flew into my face, and all over the seats and everything else,” said Michael Macsay of Missouri City.

Macsay said he was driving to work on FM 521 when an object, which appears to be some kind of plastic cover with straps, flew out of the back of a utility truck that was traveling in the opposite direction.

“When it came down, it hit the windshield and then it hit in this area here,” Macsay said, adding the vehicle also received a few dents.

He said he was driving around 60 miles an hour at the time.

“If I would’ve swerved to miss it, I would’ve had to swerve into on coming traffic and there was other cars there so I wasn’t going to take that chance,” Macsay said.

Macsay said he could see out of his side enough to drive the vehicle home and later found the object, which went into a ditch. He said the windshield was replaced at a cost of $300.

“By the time I returned and went back and looked for the truck, it had already turned down another road and it was gone,” he said.

Macsay said he drives that road almost every day.

“I think that definitely helped kind of calm me down and at least make me aware of where I could stop and where I couldn’t stop,” he said. “For other drivers who are not familiar with that road, you really just have to be careful.”

Based on the logo he saw, Macsay believes the object came from a CenterPoint Energy truck. He said he spoke with the company’s claims department on Wednesday.

CenterPoint told KPRC 2 in a statement, “CenterPoint Energy has been made aware of a customer complaint related to a vehicle incident. We have been in contact with the customer, and we are in the process of gathering more information.”