Thieves caught on video breaking into small businesses in Spring area

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SPRING – Deputies from the Harris County Precinct 4 Office are investigating after they say a group of thieves broke into several small businesses in the Spring area over the weekend.

“It’s devastating,” said Hans Vo whose vape shop was one of four businesses that were hit on Saturday morning.

Ho captured the destruction on multiple security cameras inside and outside his business.

“It was painful to watch them smash your property,” he said.

On Saturday, deputies said four vape shops and a T-Mobile store were broken into.

Captain Vicente Medina said the thieves were dialed in.

“I’m sure they were looking for a certain type of item that they could resell.”

One shop manager, Clemson Made, said he was relieved that all of the robberies took place when businesses were closed, which kept employees and customers being out of harm’s way

“It could have always been worst. Money is replaceable, items are replaceable, glass is fixable, but somebody’s life is not,” said Mader.

Law enforcement is asking for anyone with any information to contact Precinct 4 officials.

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