Father outraged, says child ate cupcake potentially laced with drugs at Cy-Fair ISD school

One Cypress-Fairbanks ISD father and his family are outraged after he had to rush to school to pick up his 7th grader when she reported to the school nurse that she felt very sick after eating a cupcake that was shared with her in class.

“At first, I was shocked [at] how she was reacting because I’ve never seen her like that,” father Isaac Hernandez said.

Hernandez was at a loss for words when he picked up his 12-year-old daughter at Spillane Middle School on Thursday.

“She’s pacing back and forth. Her eyes are wide open,” he said.

He said it all started Thursday when his daughter told her family that it was another student’s birthday.

“It was one of the girl’s birthday, and she had brought cupcakes,” grandmother Ofelia Motta, said.

The 12-year-old said to her family that the student was an acquaintance who offered the cupcakes to other students who were around, according to Hernandez.

However, Hernandez said he was told by his daughter that other students who ate the cupcakes were feeling sick and went to the nurse.

He said his daughter was the first to get sick and he got a call from the school nurse.

The daughter told her family what led up to the nurse visit. She said she was told by the birthday student that the cupcakes were ‘not from the grocery store.’

“My granddaughter [said] that the dad baked them for [the birthday student],” Motta said, recalling what she said her granddaughter told her.

Then, their 12-year-old started texting them from the nurse’s office.

“[My granddaughter texted me], ‘Can you please tell daddy to hurry? I feel like passing out,’” Motta said.

Text messages showed that the daughter reported feeling dizziness, sending messages saying she was feeling, “like I was in a dream and just wanted to wake up.”

The father finally got there and was shocked.

“I look at her and she looks deep in my eyes. And I know, she’s high as a kite,” Hernandez said.

They first took her to Texas Children’s Urgent Care to make sure she wasn’t in a dire situation. They later tested her, first at home - and then at a lab site which instructed them to come the next day, Hernandez said.

“The way my daughter was acting, I knew she was on something. I just needed to know what it was,” Hernandez said.

Both results showed the same result.

“She was positive for THC,” Hernandez said.

The family was outraged.

“Aren’t y’all paying attention to what the kids brought, and what they all are sharing? This could have been someone’s life,” Motta said.

They asked for an immediate investigation by the school.

The father said he felt brushed off.

“All I could get back was, ‘Well, the other kids just feel dizzy,’” Hernandez said.

They believe it is the school’s responsibility to keep students safe.

“Be more aware and handle the situation differently. React faster,” Hernandez said.

Cy-Fair ISD said, “the incident at Spillane Middle School is under investigation.”

The family said thankfully, the daughter is feeling better.