‘That’s cyberbullying’: Manvel HS students outraged over anonymous ‘Smash or Pass’ social media account that’s rating students

Manvel HS students pictures shared on social media site for ratings

Students at an Alvin Independent School District school called an anonymous social media page a form of cyberbullying.

“We don’t know who did it, it’s anonymous,” said Cody Hall, a freshman at Manvel High School.

Hall is referring to the “Smash or Pass” account that popped up on Instagram a few weeks ago.

Followers are urged to send pictures of other students to the private account. Then, followers can vote on the page whether they would want to get sexual with the person or pass. The results of the poll are then visible to followers.

“They post nasty things about people, like would they smash or pass,” said Lesley Mack, a sophomore at Manvel. “That’s nasty.”

Mack said she would have been upset if her picture appeared on the page.

“I would be mad. I would be really mad because, why?” she asked. “Why would you post somebody on there? Like that’s cyberbullying.”

Hall said the “Smash or Pass” page is one of several anonymous Manvel accounts on the app soliciting other people’s pictures. The latest account urges students to send in photos of students sleeping in class.

“Well there are other pages, but this is the first actual sleep page. There were pages of people fighting and people doing all types of things,” Hall said.

KPRC 2 repeatedly reached out to Alvin ISD over the past two days for comment and to find out what the district was trying to do about the accounts but none of our calls were returned as of Tuesday night.