‘I’m just a little upset’: Plumber who found cash in Lakewood wall says he hasn’t heard from the megachurch

HOUSTON – The man who discovered stacks of cash and checks inside a wall at Lakewood Church says he hasn’t heard from anyone at the megachurch.

“I wanted to hear [Joel Osteen] say, ‘You know, Justin, what you did was right. We understand what you did and what you could have done,’” the man said.

He says he listened closely to Sunday’s service, hoping Osteen would address his good deed. But, the pastor didn’t say one thing about the entire incident.

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“I feel like, at this point, I should have heard something,” he said. “I’m just a little upset.”

Houston police say the discovery is linked to the case back in 2014 after someone stole $600,000 out of the church’s safe.

Longtime parishioner, Benito Rodriguez, says this new discovery leaves him with more questions. “I was discouraged the first time,” Rodriguez said discussing the 2014 theft. “I was discouraged and now I am more discouraged because they found it. It doesn’t make any sense.”

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The Good Samaritan says he’s still trying to make sense of everything.

During the original theft investigation, Crime Stoppers offered a $25,000 reward but the statute of limitation for the crime and reward is up.

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