Woman says man pointed gun at her over parking dispute at Walmart

Woman held at gunpoint after parking dispute

HOUSTON – Houston police are investigating a road rage incident that occurred at a Walmart on Monday.

The woman said an angry driver targeted her while she was at the Walmart on the west Beltway near Bissonnet.

The alleged victim said the incident started when she was backing into a parking spot and the driver behind her grew impatient and cut her off, nearly hitting her vehicle.

“I honked at him. He just got really mad and started cursing me out,” the woman said. “So, I kind of looked at him and I was like ‘It’s not that serious.’”

She said she stayed in her car for a bit and called her boyfriend to explain what happened. She said the driver even circled back around and pointed a gun at her.

“That’s when he loaded his gun and he pointed it straight at my face,” she said.

After pointing the gun, the woman said he drove off.

“In my head, I was thinking it could go right or wrong right now, and it was about to go wrong and that’s when I knew I needed to leave,” she said. “This guy had no good intentions.”

Anyone with information about the incident or the driver who pointed the gun is urged to call the Houston Police Department.

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