Dog shot 3 times protecting his owner is embarking on a slow but steady recovery

HOUSTON, Texas – It is a slow, but steady recovery for a beloved pooch who became a hero trying to protect his owner from deadly gunfire.

The dog named Chopper is now making strides after being wounded three times in a shooting that took the life of his owner 28-year-old Nitzi Valencia.

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He’s still in good spirits, eating and drinking okay,” said Sarah Plasencia of Athena’s Angele Rescue. “He’s still a happy boy regardless of everything he’s been through.”

Chopper was shot in the face, lower back, and one of his legs. The facial wound will be able to heal without surgery but Chopper has had the most trouble with the leg wound. After an infection, doctors are hoping medicine can clear it up. If not, he may lose the leg.

“If worse comes to worst, we’ll have to amputate that leg,” said Plasencia. “But, it’ll give him a better quality of life than him being in pain and everything like that.”

It will be a few weeks before they have to make that decision. In the meantime, they say the gentle pup who was willing to risk his life for his owner is trying to settle into his new life in recovery.

“Chopper’s an inspiration to all these other dogs that we’ve taken in because we’ve got plenty gunshot wound dogs,” Plasencia said.

If you would like to assist with Chopper’s medical expenses, contact Athena’s Angels Rescue.

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