A trash truck to treasure: Houston boy surprised with special gift

This is a story about a boy and a truck. Not just any truck. The truck is a city of Houston Solid Waste Department trash truck.

The boy is 5-year-old Asher, and he loves trash day. It means his friends are coming to visit. When the trash truck rolls up each week, Asher rolls out with treats for some of his best buds.

This week, Asher was the one who got a treat when his pals who work for the city of Houston showed up with a sweet surprise. Asher got a peek inside the cab of their truck, he got to honk the horn, and he got to open a present packaged nicely in a gift bag just for him.

“The city of Houston made a little boy’s day today!” wrote Asher’s mom when she reached out to us at KPRC 2.


She explained that Asher loves garbage trucks and that he greets the drivers on his street every week with cookies and water. He calls them by name and says they are his best friends.

On Thursday, Mr. Rice and Mr. Hunt showed Asher and his family the feeling is mutual when their trash truck became a delivery truck and they brought him his very own trash truck complete with the seal of the City of Houston.


It’s a toy that brought about big smiles for Asher and will likely help fill some of the time until he gets to see his friends again --next week.


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