Want to meet ‘Michael Myers’? Woman helps rescue animals by hosting ‘Halloween’-inspired event in League City

Meet Michael Myers (Amber Strickler)

LEAGUE CITY, Texas – The “Meet Michael Myers” event this Saturday at 8 p.m. in League City will give guests of all ages the chance to take a picture with ‘Michael Myers’ and make an optional donation to PETronus Rescue Houston, a Houston-based organization that rescues homeless dogs and place them into safe homes.

Guests will be able to meet and take a picture with “Mikey” in front of the house. The set will be a façade only and guests will not be able to interact or enter the residence.

Upon arrival, guests are encouraged to park on the main road and avoid blocking the cul-de-sac. A large turnout is expected for this event.

Those who attend the event are encouraged, but are not required to donate to the PETronus Rescue Houston organization. Guests will have an opportunity to donate as they approach the house while waiting in line to take their picture with ‘Michael Myers.’

Amber Strickler, a fan of Halloween and lover of animals, has found a way to show her love for both, while giving back to the community.

All donations made at the event will go towards the PETronus Rescue Houston organization. If you would like to help save animals from homelessness and overcrowded shelters you can go here.

To find out more about the event, visit this page.

Meet Michael Myers (Amber Strickler)
Meet Michael Myers (Amber Strickler)