Driving to Minute Maid Park to catch an ALCS game? Watch out for parking scams

ALCS Game 6 - First Pitch at 7:08PM

HOUSTON – Thousands of anxious and excited fans will travel to Minute Maid Park for Game 6 of the ALCS on Friday, and scammers are hoping to take advantage of those that will park near the stadium.

One of the most common scams includes someone who is posing as a parking attendant or flagger but has no legal right to charge people to park in lots or spaces and takes cash from unsuspecting customers.

Customers usually end up losing their money and might even have their car booted or towed.

A manager with Reef Parking, which manages several downtown lots, suggests several tips to avoid being scammed.

  • Look for lots with pay stations or kiosks in which you will pay by your space number or your license plate number.
  • If the lot that you are parking in has an attendant, that attendant will usually wear a shirt identifying the parking company they are working for. They will usually take your payment with a device that will give you a printed receipt.
  • You can try reading the small print on the parking signs. Larger downtown lots have signs that include instructions, disclaimers, and contact information.
  • Be highly suspect if the attendant working tells you that the machine is broken or that the machine is for prepaid customers only. That’s a clear sign you should go elsewhere.

One relatively cheap and reliable option is the Avenida First Parking Garages.

The company told KPRC 2 the going rate for their lots never fluctuates and goes for about $35 to $40.

You can also visit DowntownHouston.org/parking for more information and a list of parking places and rates.

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