Harris County funding provides labor to meet increased food distribution demand at Houston Food Bank

HOUSTON – The Houston Food Bank, along with Commissioners Court members, discussed the increased food distribution demand while highlighting the need for more Houston Food Bank volunteers Thursday.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Harris County strengthened its support of the food bank, which helped to combat the increase in demand for food assistance and offset reduced volunteer hours with a total of $15.8 million in labor services.

The county said it has provided furloughed employees the opportunity to work in various areas of the food bank as supplemental staff and funding to help hire temporary labor to provide more meals for the community. This temporary workforce assists in warehouses with inventory and distribution, makes home deliveries to seniors, and fills in for responsibilities normally covered by volunteers, the food bank said.

Commissioners Court recently unanimously approved an amendment to the HFB labor agreement extending support into April 2022. The county says the latest amendment for $3.9 million will provide 11.7 million meals as HFB is able to turn $1 into three meals (food, logistics, etc.). The total meals made possible through the full term of the labor agreement will be 47 million (March 2020 through April 2022).

On Thursday, Commissioner Rodney Ellis and Commissioner Adrian Garcia will spend time volunteering at the Houston Food Bank.

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