‘Training paid off’: Pilot tells KPRC 2 it looks like Brookshire plane pilot ‘did the best they could,’ actions saved lives

KPRC 2 employee Ryan McDonald discusses the emergency landing situation facing the pilot in the Brookshire crash.

HOUSTON – KPRC 2 employee and pilot Ryan McDonald said the pilot at the helm of the Brookshire plane that crashed at Houston Executive Airport on Tuesday “looks like they did the best they could” and “the training paid off” as no lives were lost and there was only minor reported injury.

McDonald said the issue that could have brought the plane to its outcome could have been any number of things, from fuel contamination to a mechanical issue or even a loading problem, but it will take a full investigation before the exact cause is determined.

Another pilot and flight instructor, Josh Verde, said what the pilot did during Tuesday’s crash was pretty amazing.

“To get everybody out and also relatively uninjured in that scenario is amazing,” said Verde.

KPRC 2 also asked Verde what role the crew’s training may have played in saving lives.

“Knowing how to react to an emergency, knowing how to, in the event of a fire, for example, choosing an exit to use so that the door isn’t open into a fire, is huge,” Verde said. “There’s extensive training on that, so I think definitely the training played a role.”

Verde said investigators will want to interview crew members, passengers and witnesses as part of their investigation.

21 people were onboard

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For more with McDonald, watch below.

KPRC 2 employee and pilot Ryan McDonald addresses the plane crash in Brookshire, Texas.

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