‘Can’t believe that I walked away’: Katy Freeway back open after 18-wheeler crash causes shutdown

HOUSTON – Police said the right lane and center lanes of Katy Freeway inbound at Patterson are back open following an 18-wheeler crash Tuesday morning.

Investigators said a big rig jackknifed, damaged a rail, struck a Houston Police Department patrol vehicle and caused a diesel spill.

“It was raining, it was slick,” Garrett Anderson, the driver of the big rig said. “I felt my drive tires slide out and I tried to correct it. There was no correcting it.”

Anderson said he all of a sudden felt the truck sliding and he tried to keep control of it but the roads were just too slick. Anderson said he then ended up hitting the barrier.

“Honestly, when it got to the point when I knew I wasn’t gonna be able to do anything more, I hit the barrier and I thought I was gonna flip over and I’m unbelievably thankful,” Anderson said. “I can’t believe that I walked away from this… My old man was a driver and he was looking out for me today.”

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