2 men accused of stealing thousands worth of equipment from Tomball Little League and Tomball Junior High School

2 men are accused of stealing from Tomball Little league and Tomball Junior High School

Tomball, TEXASTomball Little League President Brian Quinn and parent Brandon Amos said they were so disheartened when they found out about $30,000.00 worth of equipment being stolen.

“It’s disappointing. That’s the biggest thing,” said Amos.

Last week, Tomball police said 17-year-old Cayleb Norris and 22-year-old Andrew Rebbe broke into the little league’s shed and stole several items, including weed whackers, gas cans, a large mower and an ATV.

“We use the equipment to take care of kids, and it felt like they were taking from the kids and you hate to see that,” said Quinn.

Police said the duo also went to Tomball Junior High School and broke into a concession stand, stealing a microwave, a popcorn machine, fans and ice chests.

Quinn called the police and immediately put a call out for help on social media.

“We just asked them to keep an eye out, especially for our bigger equipment, and the response was great,” said Quinn.

Within days, the tips began pouring in from the community that the two men were seen riding around town on the ATV, and they also apparently tried selling the items at an area pawnshop.

Tomball police were able to track down Norris and Rebbe and charge them with burglary.

“I’m just glad we have a really good community around here that looks out for each other and we were able to recover most of what was stolen,” said Amos.

There’s no word yet if Tomball Junior High School was able to recover their items.

The little league was able to get about 95% of their equipment back.

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