Caught on camera: Woman’s Tesla catches purse snatching in Spring

MCSO deputies: suspects and stolen getaway car is linked to other aggravated robbery

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office deputies are looking for the public's help in identifying two robbery suspects linked in two robberies in Spring this week.

SPRING, Texas – Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office deputies are looking for the public’s help in identifying two robbery suspects linked in two robberies in Spring this week.

MCSO deputies said the first case happened Thursday September 23rd around 11:30am. A woman was running work and personal errands at Walmart on Sawdust Road in Spring and had just unloaded the groceries into her Tesla Model Y when a man came aggressively at her demanding her purse.

“I was scared. I thought he was going to shoot me,” Kimberly Dixon, the robbery victim, said.

Dixon said the robber mumbled and pulled out a gun. Dixon gave her purse. In the meantime, Dixon said a white Lexus ES350 pulled up behind her and the robber got away with another suspect driving. The purse snatching was all caught on her Tesla’s 360 video, as a feature of the car.

“I am super grateful of the technology...Like I can smile now,” Dixon said.

Dixon’s purse had her keys, but luckily she said her phone was in her pocket, and she was able to use it to open her car, call her husband, deputies and also honk her horn.

“If you blow the horn it will automatically start capturing the footage,” Dixon said.

The video was saved so that she and her husband could get a good look at what happened and take a screenshot of the suspects.

“My hope is that the person is caught so that they can’t do it to anybody else,” Dixon said. MCSO deputies said the next morning around 4:50am Friday, it appears at least one of the suspects and that same white Lexus ES350 appeared to have been involved in an aggravated robbery of the Texaco nearby on Rayford Road in Spring. Deputies believe it is likely the two same suspects involved in the Walmart case.

“The suspects left the Texaco gas station in a white Lexus ES350 bearing Texas license plate JWS9518, which is reported stolen out of Harris County, Texas, and matches the description of the vehicle from the Walmart incident,” MCSO stated in a release. “The suspect who displayed a handgun to the store clerk in Texaco also matches the description from the Walmart incident. The armed suspect and the suspect vehicle can be seen in the video from the Walmart incident.”

Now deputies are asking anyone who knows anything about the suspects, car or these two cases to give Montgomery County Sheriff’s deputies a call.