Former doctor accused of stealing COVID vaccines now suing Harris County

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HOUSTON – After months of being on the defensive, Dr. Hasan Gokal went on the offensive Tuesday morning.

”Well, I am hoping that we can finally set right some of the wrongs that happened along the way,” said Gokal in an interview with KPRC 2 Investigates.

Gokal is suing his former employer, Harris County and Harris County Public Health.

“Right from the beginning, I was never asked what happened. I was charged. These are unfair things for anyone to go through,” said Gokal.

Gokal’s team filed a 14-page lawsuit where they are seeking monetary relief in excess of one million dollars in response to everything he has endured since January.

“Fortunately, it’s very straightforward. It’s very well documented in many different ways.”

The Harris County District Attorney’s office originally charged Gokal with stealing vaccines, but days later a judge dismissed the charges. A few weeks later, the state’s medical board cleared him. However, the DA took it to a grand jury again in June only to have Gokal get no-billed, meaning no indictment.

Grand jury declines to indict Houston doctor accused of stealing vial of COVID-19 vaccine

Joe Ahmed said prior to his client’s termination, county officials told Gokal he did not “equitably” distribute the vaccine.

Officials said Gokal was giving the vaccine to too many individuals with “Indian” sounding names.

”That is what we found particularly troubling and significant,” said Ahmed.

Harris County Public Health declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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